Are your products handmade?

Every single one of my products are handmade by me. It's all my own personal work and none are factory produced! (Just my tiny one-person factory)

What's your environmental policy?

I'm massively wary of how much plastic we're using in the world and am commited to doing my bit for the environment. Prints come in bio-degradable corn starch display bags and I use recycled papers where possible. I also use up recycled postage bags when I can so please don't be offended if it's not a brand new bag. It's just fullfilling its purpose more than once. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... amirite?

Are you qualified?

I have a degree (Ba Hons) in Graphic Media Communication majoring in Illustration from Bradford School of Art.

Do you do commissioned work?

Yes I do! It ranges from house portraits to big illustration/design projects with large organisations.

Do you do custom or bespoke work?

If you've seen something on the site but you want it in a different colour, you want it customising or something different but in that style then just ask. See the Personalise page.