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Hiya! I'm Sally and this is my online world - welcome!

I'm a Yorkshire girl and I split my time between the two greatest places...Yorkshire and Liverpool!

I graduated with a BA(hons) in Illustration in 2008 and after a long stint of office working where I spent a lot of time staring at the wall in the photocopy room and wondering what I was actually doing with my life (because I was sure it shouldn't just be photocopying) I decided to go creative full-time. 

Now I collaborate with some lovely clients as well as running my shop - designing,

illustrating and animating as a job.

Work isn't work anymore, and I even like working on Sundays, like a right weirdo.

Your decision to shop with small businesses means a lot to us who run them. Every single sale keeps me one step away from another Photocopier - and I can't thank you enough for that


Thanks for visiting my site! 

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